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How is it better to order the product per individual measurements?
If you wish to order the product per individual measurements, you need to fill in the form of measurements and send it to us by indicating your contact details. After that, on a product page, you can choose the size "Made to measure" and make an order.
Can I change already sent through a form measurements or add the new ones?
You can always change or add measurements for individual tailoring. Just enter the Webstore using your login and password, and then go to the page "My account".
Do you chlorinate latex products?
At this moment we do not chlorinate latex products. If this service appears to be, we will include it into our Webstore and you will be able to use it by choosing a relevant option when purchasing a product.
Why the acquired latex product doesn’t shine and is powdered with talc?
Latex is rather vulnerable material and it requires care. We sell latex products powdered with talc. For latex shine you need to wash off talc and then use special care for latex shine or a bit of the lubricant on a silicone basis.
How is it right to put latex products on?
Clinging latex products such as catsuits and leggings need to be dressed with a special latex care or a silicone lubricant, washing off talc in advance. A latex care is applied into the internal part of the product and all over the body. After that, the product slides rather easily and you can smooth it along the body with accurate movements.
How should we store latex products? Are there any recommendations in using latex?
Latex is a very pleasant and beautiful material, but you need to take care of it a little bit more accurately than of ordinary clothes. It is described more precisely in a section "Publications".
What thickness of the material is better to choose?
Latex has different thickness and this affects easiness of its stretching and sensations on the body. Thinner latex stretches easier and more delicate. Optimal latex thickness for most products is 0,40 mm, but you can order products of thinner latex when choosing its color on the page of the product. Thickness 0,80 mm and more is intended for denser and less stretchy products such as corsets and other products of BDSM orientation.
What size is better to choose for the clothes to fit ideally?
Please choose your real size based on our size chart. You should not mark down your measurement figures as this can lead to the fact that the product will be small.