How to get a discount? - buy latex clothing at Bright&Shiny online shop

How to get a discount?

For our most faithful customers we present the loyalty program in order to thank you for your fidelity to our work. Now each time when you make orders with us you can earn bonus points, which can be exchanged on a real discount in our web store. You also can earn additional points by attracting your friends to our web store, writing reviews about the products or exchanging the information in social networks.

Earn points $1 = 2 points
Spend points $1 = 100 points

To demonstrate how much we value our regular customers, we offer you to get bonus points not only for a purchase of your favorite products. For receiving bonus points, you need to be registered and also make sure that you have logged in on the Website.

250 points
Sign up and receive points on your first purchase
100 points
Subscribe to the newsletter at registration
50 points
Make reviews on the products and the company
15 points
Share links about us through social network
200 points
Invite friends and receive points from their first purchases

* you can receive bonus points for links in social networks on our Web store, our products or our groups in social network, the first 10 links will be counted. In order to receive bonus points please send us these links on our e-mail from yours indicated during the registration.

** product and company reviews will be counted automatically after checking and publishing. A review text should contain not less than 2-3 sentences. The first review about the company will be counted, there are no limits on the product reviews under the condition that you have purchased these products, and your feedback is informative and contains actual information.